A Reaper's Playlist

Posted by Jess
I'm officially halfway through writing my first book! (Woot! Woot!) This is part of the playlist that I use for inspiration.
 photo ReapersPlaylist_zpsfx4ya9ne.png
For some reason, I cant listen and write at the same time (my concentration isn't that talented). So instead, I listen to it whenever I'm not writing, like when I'm driving somewhere or need a little inspiration. This way I can take the story wherever I go, and hop back into it when I'm stuck. As soon as I hit play I feel like I'm walking through the candlelit tunnels of the Brotherhood of the Reaping (the main setting of my book). I usually only get halfway through the playlist before I pause it to start writing again.

Do you guys make a story inspiration playlist when you're writing? If so, post it in the comments. I love finding new music!

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