Who Says Couch Potatoes Can't Be Fit?!

Posted by Jess
How much time do you spend sitting on the couch watching TV? Normally, I’m not much of a couch potato, but lately I’ve been finding myself on the couch much more often than I’d like to admit. So I decided: if I’m going to be a couch potato, I might as well be a hot one!

According to eHow, a 150lb person burns around 84 calories per hour while sitting down, watching TV. That’s not too shabby for just watching an episode of Doctor Who, but why settle for only 84 calories? I want to be a hot couch potato, not medium warm! For an hour-long show, there are about 20 minutes worth of commercials; that’s 20 minutes that I can be building killer abs!

So, my fellow starchy crops, after scouring the web (and Pinterest) I’ve compiled a list of simple exercises that will keep us fit in our moments of laziness!

The Ultimate Couch Potato Workout || A Little Cup of Jess

This workout is surprisingly fun because you don’t know what’s coming up next. It’s like workout roulette! For example, the last time I did it, I got a bank (burpees), a hair & beauty (high knees), and two car commercials (the longest plank I've ever held). I’ll be honest, when the second car commercial came on my arms were like, wtf!! But hey, if it gets me one step closer to my killer bod, then it’s definitely worth it! Do you already exercise while on the couch? Or are you reading this, thinking, “F_ck that!”

Anyways my couch potato amigos, it’s your turn to put this workout to the test. Let me know which commercial exercise is your favorite in the comments below!

And the next time someone gives you grief about wasting time in front of the television, just tell them: “It’s part of my workout!”

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